Titles 1998-2018

A Fine Excess, Kirby Gann and Kristin Herbert


A collection of poetry, fiction, and essay where language isn’t strictly functional but comes at the world in its most intense states—in reverie, in revelry, in fine excess; writers who must have, as Paul West once termed it, the world written up. These are minds unavoidably alive on the page. And there they move freely, in particular musical fashion, often making unlikely connections, sometimes jutting their sentences into odd and disproportionate rhythms, creating a vivid, sensory whole.

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Contributors include:
Maggie Anderson
E.E. Cummings
Barbara Edelman
Alice Fulton
William Gass
Amy Gerstler
Michael Graber
Sunetra Gupta
Jack Heflin
William Kistler
Yusef Komunyakaa
Jeffrey McDaniel
Sharon McDermott
Kristina McGrath
Susan Mitchell
Rick Moody
E. Stallings
Belle Waring
Edmund White
and many more