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Catherine's Laughter, C.K Williams


For grownups who’ve begun to wonder whether romance is just for the kids, C. K. Williams has answered with Catherine’s Laughter, the short and sweet story of the poet’s long love affair with his wife. Can a poet find sustaining love in marriage?  Yes, the poet declares, yes—even grownups can fall in love, and keep falling.

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C. K. Williams has won the Pulitzer Prize, the National Book Award, the National Book Critics Circle Award, and the Ruth Lilly Prize, among other honors. In 2010 he published the critical study, On Whitman, and a book of poetry, Wait. In 2012 he published the poetry collection Writers Writing Dying and a book of essays, In Time: Poets, Poems, and the Rest. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters.


“[Williams] has soul: a perfect ear for the just right ending coupled with an exquisite eye for images that resonate.”

—Diane Scharper, Library Journal

“Sentence construction, one of the more neglected features of the poetic arsenal, is Williams's great strength, his Ancient Mariner-like power to claim and hold the reader's uncomfortable but rewarded assent.”

—Sean O’Brien, The Guardian 

“Williams’s writing is pure seduction, effortless—the way his thinking becomes phrase . . . In Williams’s case there is a living tissue linking language to thought—one idea vanishes to another, sparking energy and then a fact is recalled, then a quote, an intervention of just the right sound—the exact diction—there will be moments of introspection, a spiral of connections, then back to the writer who admits he owns it.”

—Grace Cavalieri