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Dear Sound of Footstep, Ashley Butler


An innovative, linked essay collection that describes a mother's death alongside a search for answers about the infinite. Butler touches upon subjects as various as the fastest man on earth, art, cosmonautics, wind farms and tunnels, and an anechoic chamber.

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Ashley Butler was born and raised in Virginia. She has a BA from Columbia University and an MFA from the University of Iowa. Her work has appeared in Ninth Letter, jubilat, Gulf Coast, Creative Nonfiction and POOL. She lives in Texas. 


“Ashley Butler has made of her staggering and cruel bewilderment––her deep and voracious intelligence––an eloquent and moving testament to the powers of art and love.”

—John D'Agata

“Ashley Butler's new book, Dear Sound of Footstep, explores the poetry in dynamic facts, and accumulates stories where life and life's enterprises meet. In this eloquent sequence of essays, the earth and our fantasies of earthly life (and death) perform dynamic rituals of relation. Relation itself takes on an array of forms, bounded by the adventures of young adulthood, and the fears of leaving nothing, or everything, behind. Dear Sound of Footstep is a lovely debut.”

—Thalia Field