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Kingdom of the Young, Edie Meidav


Most Anticipated Great Books of 2017, The Millions

"Who knows what youth is really looking for?" Meidav asks in the nonfiction coda to this dazzling story collection. The dynamic characters in The Kingdom of the Young are searching: for adventure, work, love, absolution, better chances elsewhere. In surreal fables, dream-spun travelogues, conflicted confessionals and more, Meidav creates a revelatory and wholly original world in sparkling, unforgettable prose.

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Edie Meidav is the author of three novels: The Far Field, Crawl Space, and Lola, California. Her honors include a Lannan Literary Award, the Kafka Award for Best Novel by an American Woman, the Bard Fiction Prize, a Whiting Award, and a Howard Fellowship. Work from Kingdom of the Young appeared in Conjunctions and American Literary Review, among other places. She teaches in the University of Massachusetts MFA program and lives in Amherst.


"A probing and deeply ruminative cross-genre odyssey. Meidav pulls readers through a series of dreamy, complex, poignant stories with language that is by turns gauzy-poetic and pinpoint-precise but unfailingly inventive.... A penetrating collection that glides among an impressive breadth of storytelling modes with warmth and easy brilliance."
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"[Edie] Meidav's collection illuminates the way we rely on stories, deny them and repeat them."
San Francisco Chronicle, "Best of 2017: 100 recommended books"

"Kingdom of the Young is the brilliant new collection from Edie Meidav, one of the most talented prose stylists writing today."
Largehearted Boy, "Favorite Short Story Collections of 2017"

"Edie Meidav's collection of short stories, Kingdom of the Young, transports readers to unconventional experiences and submerged feelings of the past. Divided into three sections, 'Believers,' 'Knaves,' and 'Dreamers' and culminating in a nonfiction coda of two essays, these stories take the Samuel Ullman quote 'Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind' to heart."

Kingdom of the Young will engage readers for its clear authority, musical language and its surprising empathy.”
—Gary Shteyngart

“These stories are dazzling, full of knowledge of the world and of the heart, and written with the pluck and thrum of a flamenco guitarist. Meidav draws you into world after world; she makes you want to sit by your window and listen all night.”
—Paul La Farge

“Edie Meidav’s writing is a cascade of fireworks. Her ideas are little bombs—and these stories, fast-spinning sparklers. Her hallucinatory prose flares with color and heart.”
—Leela Corman, author of Unterzakhn

“An alchemist of empathy, of nuanced observation and unexpected truths, Edie Meidav is a writer whose every magical story probes human experience from triumphs to tragedies and all the terrain between. Kingdom of the Young is nothing short of masterful, the work of a born storyteller in full, glorious voice.” 
—Bradford Morrow, author of The Forgers

“Ambitious, original, deliciously philosophical. Kingdom of the Young invites comparison to the crônicas of Clarice Lispector and the fabulas of Italo Calvino.”
—Carolyn Cooke, author of Daughters of the Revolution

“I loved this book. Her stories and essays make a whole—a brilliant pairing, each part informing the other, with mutual gravitas and depth.”
—Daniel Wallace, author of Big Fish: A Novel of Mythic Proportions

Kingdom of the Young. Oh what imagination. Oh what story-telling. What beautiful language. What more do you want? Go ahead and be greedy like me. Meidav, a prose stylist of the first rank, has got us covered.”
—Mitchell S. Jackson, author of The Residue Years

“In Kingdom of the Young, whether Edie Meidav riffs on Cuban dogs or 'a tiny pert woman in a cherry tracksuit' called Hummingbird, she unfurls a mean sentence. 'Look at a soldier's face in one of those moments you don't want to remember and then you know exactly what lacking imagination looks like,' Meidav writes in "Catullus." A collection of surprises, with a sparkling nonfiction coda."
—Terese Svoboda, author of Live Sacrifice

“In every single bit of Meidav’s work, the prose is dazzling. Reading Kingdom of the Young, I was often reminded of two of my favorite writers, Nabokov and Gass.” 
—René Steinke, author of Holy Skirts, finalist for the National Book Award

"This astonishing book unpeels its many layers with grace, searching intelligence, and deep empathy."  
—Sharon Guskin, author of The Forgetting Time