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Thought That Nature, Trey Moody


Thought That Nature identifies and captures moments when the border between personal consciousness and the otherness of the physical become porous. Ironically, it also allows Moody to measure the distance between consciousness and direct experience, even as he casts this gap in memorable speech. This debut collection offers the reader sensual delight and intellectual pursuit—a rare and bracing combination.

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All these issues [of weather] hum subtly at the bottom of Trey Moody’s sweeping collection—sweeping also in the weatherian sense; it has a tremendous momentum that amounts to a tempestuous phenomenon of wind or wave or both. . . . Its dynamics, its rhythms, its scents, sights, and sounds are absolutely unique, and they assail each one of our senses, bringing them all together in a constant synesthetic event…..The fact that wind is invisible, that rain has no color, that light and snow are both clear white—here in these apparent transparencies, Moody finds the subtleties that actually shape our lives.                                         

–Cole Swensen