Titles 1998-2018

Three Poets of Modern Korea, Yi Sang, Hahm Dong-seon, and Choi Young-mi


trans Yu Jung-yul and James Kimbrell

A superb introduction to the undiscovered treasures of contemporary Korean poetry. American poet James Kimbrell and translator/native speaker Yu Jung-yul have gathered leading representatives of three generations of Korean poets, from the Dada and surrealist influenced work of Yi Sang, to the colloquial, affirming poems of Hahm Dong-seon, and the brilliant sensuality of Choi Young-mi.

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Kimbrell was a recipient of a Ruth Lilly Fellowship, a "Discovery"/The Nation Award, Poetry magazine's Bess Hokin Award, a Whiting Writers' Award, and fellowships from the Ford Foundation and the NEA. His work has been included in the Bread Loaf Anthology, American Poetry, and Legitimate Dangers. He is currently the director of the creative writing program at Florida State