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Throw Yourself into the Prairie, Francesca Chabrier


Francesca Chabrier’s poems hold onto the possibility that the sorrowing parts of our lives may be transformed. The collection offers loose, sensuous, gentle associations, combined the interplay of comic and coy images. A debut of remarkable freshness and delight, through which syntactic innovation yields new meaning. Chabrier's poems entertain, startle, cast a spell, and bless.

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Francesca Chabrier is the author of the chapbook The Axioms (Pilot Books, 2013).  Her poems have appeared in Action Yes, jubilat, notnostrums, Sixth Finch and Sink Review.  She is a graduate of the MFA Program for Poets and Writers at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and lives and writes in Oregon.


“With joy, resilience, and mindfulness, Francesca Chabrier makes poems that sing, laugh, cajole, and weep. The spirited world of this book is assembled out of the poet's unique and artful voice, as we find here when she so lovingly writes: ‘the tent I pitch / as high as the voice / I want to use / to sing to you all my friends.’ Who can resist?”

—Peter Gizzi

“Francesca Chabrier's Throw Yourself Into the Prairie is beautiful. This book, told in chapters, really does tell a story of a world that is surprising though mundane, gentle though sad, and at every turn filled with amazement. Both hers and ours. This is the world I want to live in. Chabrier's voice is the exact opposite of the bossy pedants we've all heard too much from. Like Berrigan, she is ‘feminine, marvelous and tough.’”

—Matthew Rohrer

“Look fierce, do not think too hard about loss, say how to write a novel, keep a list of beautiful women, say axioms, write like an angel--one of our beloved recording angels—put it in chapters, send it out into the world. Francesca Chabrier proposes scenarios that test our imagination's courage and stamina; her words fuel our brains' desires to live fuller and more exquisitely meaningful lives.  Watch Francesca Chabrier as she goes about not stopping Throw Yourself into the Prairie's charms. Once you are under their spells you won't want to stop reading this other-worldly good book.”

—Dara Wier