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World Famous Love Acts, Brian Leung


Entertainment Weekly Editor’s Choice
Winner of a Lambda Literary Award

Sweeping and fearless, World Famous Love Acts overrides stereotypes of race, age, gender, and sexuality.  In this remarkable debut collection, Brian Leung creates a diverse landscape of distinctive characters. Among them, a 4’ 10” hyperblonde Asian adult-film actress in Los Angeles, an archeologist working in China with her sun-scarred skin, a Midwestern screenwriter trying to “burn off” his accent, and a man with AIDS waiting to go home to die.

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Born to a Chinese father and Euro-American mother, Brian Leung is a native of San Diego, California. He received an M.F.A in Creative Writing from Indiana University. His fiction and poetry have appeared in StoryCrazyhorseGrainGulf CoastKinesisMid-American ReviewSalt HillGulf StreamRiver CityThe Bellingham Review, and The Connecticut Review. He lives in Los Angeles, where he is an Assistant Professor at California State University, Northridge.


“Each story asks a pointedly difficult question: What happens when we let our most coveted relationships deteriorate under the stress of plain ol’ everyday living? Leung reveals a plethora of fascinating answers with beautiful, concise prose and unwavering empathy.”
Entertainment Weekly

“A small town in Washington state that’s about to be turned into a resort; a 4’10” blonde Asian-American adult film star; a supermarket manager who’s duped into a road trip with a serial killer—gay writer Brian Leung weaves these disparate stories into a subtly affecting whole in his new collection, World Famous Love Acts.”
Instinct Magazine

“In his first book, a collection of remarkable short stories, Leung depicts a dispersion of townsfolk. . . .Each character’s intimate tale hints at traversing spaces—physical, emotional, or cultural—and yet many are connected to the simple, almost mystical town of Blue Falls.”
Out Magazine

“Brian Leung’s writing is exquisite, deceptively plain, deeply felt and spiritually high, with dead-on depictions of the world as it is and people coping such as they can. . . . For Leung’s characters, life offers both pain and grace, extreme moments that appear crystalline in the midst of everything.”
The San Francisco Chronicle