you'll be working with 

Natalie Wollenzien, Editorial Intern

Sarah Gorham, Editor-in-Chief

Danika Isdahl, Production Manager

Joanna Englert, Director of Marketing and Publicity

Kristen Miller, Managing Editor


Here I have listed a few moments before your pub date to note.

we just signed your book:

A lot goes into planning a marketing strategy for each book, from blurbs to cover design to scheduling readings. With only ten books published a year, we're able to give attention to all our titles. Filling out an author questionnaire is one of the most helpful ways for us to market your book. Please fill out this questionnaire with as much detail as possible. You will be able to make edits after you have submitted the form. Reach out to Joanna,, with any questions about the questionnaire. If down the road you need to update any of your personal contact information, please email

signed copies:

In your first shipment of author copies we've accounted for 6 additional books. Please sign one book for each Sarabande employee and one book for our archives at Duke University. Here's the list of Sarabande employees who have worked on your book:

Sarah Gorham (president)
Danika Isdahl (production manager)
Joanna Englert (marketing and publicity director)
Kristen Miller (managing editor)
Duke University (signature only, no dedication needed)

You can mail those to our Louisville office: Danika Isdahl, Sarabande Books, 822 East Market St., Louisville, KY 40206. 

Please direct any questions to Danika Isdahl at

After your book has published with us:

Ordering author copies

Per your contract, you receive a 40% discount on the purchase of your own book from us. So whenever you need more copies (if, for instance, you're providing your own books at an event), here's how it goes: 

  • Go to the Sarabande Books website and add however many copies of your book you wish to purchase to your cart. If you wish to buy any other books, we do ask that you make a separate purchase for the other titles.

  • Use the Coupon Code AUTHOR when checking out and you will only be charged 60% of the cover price, plus a little shipping.

  • Be sure to include the correct shipping address (if, for instance, you want to send a shipment directly to an event).

  • If there are specific instructions for the shipment (must arrive by a certain date, any labeling requirements, etc) add those details in the notes section. The person receiving these order will always be Danika or the intern.

  • You sell the books (for the cover price, or whatever you wish) and keep the $.

Please be sure to always give us at least 3 weeks advance notice, since we place the orders with our distributor. If you have any questions, feel free to contact Danika at 


All Sarabande titles are distributed to the trade by Consortium Book Sales and Distribution. Please refer inquiring bookstores to their website:

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