Witch Wife, Kiki Petrosino

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The Millions, "Must-Read Poetry: December 2017"
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The poems of Witch Wife are spells, obsessive incantations to exorcise or celebrate memory, to mourn the beloved dead, to conjure children or keep them at bay, to faithfully inhabit one’s given body. In sestinas, villanelles, hallucinogenic prose poems and free verse, Kiki Petrosino summons history’s ghosts—the ancestors that reside in her blood and craft—and sings them to life.

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Kiki Petrosino is the author of two previous books of poetry: Hymn for the Black Terrific (2013) and Fort Red Border (2009). She holds graduate degrees from the University of Chicago and the University of Iowa Writer's Workshop. Her poems and essays have appeared in Best American Poetry, The New York Times, FENCE, Gulf Coast, Jubilat, Tin House and online at Ploughshares. She is founder and co-editor of Transom, an independent online poetry journal. She is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Louisville, where she directs the Creative Writing Program. Her awards include a residency at the Hermitage Artist Retreat and research fellowships from the University of Louisville's Commonwealth Center for the Humanities and Society and the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities.

Petrosino. . . crackles in her stunning third collection, as she dives deep into the ephemeral powers of the body, particularly those of black women. . . .Cosmic images blend with the familiar and domestic to create an all-encompassing reading experience.
— Publishers Weekly, starred review
In Petrosino’s singular world, the familiar becomes strange, and the strange, suddenly irresistible, settles deep in the bones. Sparkling with sly wordplay and fantastical imagery, these are not only masterful poems but mighty incantations. Utterly spellbinding.
— Booklist
Witch Wife offers that maybe all love stories are stories of bodies. We are within before we are without. Petrosino is a unique voice, churning a mixture of smirk and mirth. . . Witch Wife is a weird wonder, something altogether new in its combinations.
— The Millions, "Must-Read Poetry: December 2017"
Kiki Petrosino’s lush and stunning Witch Wife is a hothouse in winter, incongruous and adamantly fertile, full of strange blossoms, site of refuge and danger. Someone has drawn pictures in all the steamy windows. These are poems about what composes us—our names, our flesh, our vexed relationships to both—and about ambivalence turned glittering and feral, about the question of what the body can and cannot stomach. Petrosino’s language turns organs into verbs, and verbs into organs, metabolizing the strangeness of presence, regret, and hope. When I read this book on the subway, the investment banker sitting next to me was reading over my shoulder. He could tell I was warming myself by some kind of fire. And I was. It was glorious.
— Leslie Jamison



The glowing reviews for Catapult by Emily Fridlund keep coming! Pick up your copy of The New York Times Book Review and check out "Other People's Minds: Four Short Story Collections" where Fridlund is among good company with other indie presses like Two Dollar Radio and Dzanc. You'll also find Catapult in the November issue of O, The Oprah Magazine and the December issue of Martha Stewart Living. Clearly, you should pick up this "laugh-out-loud collection as wise as it is funny" today!  

Kiki Petrosino's third poetry collection from Sarabande, Witch Wife"crackles" in her starred Publishers Weekly review, and The Millions includes it in its list of "Must-Read Poetry: December 2017." We can't wait for this book to hit the shelves December 12 and enchant you with its magic. Pre-order is available below! 

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Head on over to Lit Hub for a lovely interview with Sarabande poets Peter Mishler (Fludde, forthcoming May 2018) and Jenny Johnson (In Full Velvet). Mishler interviews Johnson about how her poems' "ahead-of-ness" helped her explore her queer identity growing up in a rural Virginian town.

"Assuming that my poems often know more than I do, I’ve found that the work for me is one of learning what to trust in an early draft; I try to listen to or follow the moments of strangest authority," Johnson says. 

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We're pleased to announce that Joe Sacksteder's story collection, The Game in the Sand, has been selected for the 2017 Linda Bruckheimer Series in Kentucky Literature! In such a tough competition, we'd also like to applaud two noteworthy manuscripts, poetry collection Field of Iron Feathers by Madeleine Wattenberg and story collection Quantum Convention & Other Stories by Eric Schlich. 

Catapult, Emily Fridlund
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Witch Wife, Kiki Petrosino
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Fludde, Peter Mishler
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In Full Velvet, Jenny Johnson
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On Imagination, Mary Ruefle
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Randa Jarrar has won a PEN Oakland award for her novel Him, Me, Muhammad Ali. She will be honored at the annual awards ceremony on December 2 at the African American Library and Museum in Oakland, California. Congratulations, Randa! 

We're thrilled to see the praise keep rolling in for Emily Fridlund's Catapult, published last month. See why this collection of eleven "brilliant, often bracing" short stories has already landed on Kirkus Reviews's 100 Best Fiction Books of 2017 list by picking up your copy today. 

And we can't forget that Publishers Weekly has also named Elena Passarello's Animals Strike Curious Poses one of the Best Books of 2017! See how "Passarello dazzles in this wildly inventive essay collection" by picking up a copy for yourself!

A round of applause for these wonderful writers! 


Catapult Receives Rave Reviews, Shawn Wen Gives Voice to Marceau, and Kiki Petrosino Shares Favorite Lit Journals

The reviews for our latest title, Catapult by Emily Fridlund, are in! Here are a few snippets from our favorites this week: 

"[Catapult] shines a light on the ugly truths in relationships, discovers all the ways in which its characters aren’t quite compatible with one another and forces them into (often quiet) confrontations. This collection is as intelligent as it is incisive."
The Masters Review, October Book Review 

"Fridlund writes exceptional character-driven fiction, and her stories bristle with a menacing domestic intensity that few writers can capture."
Sinkhole Mag, "Under the Microscope"

Catapult is available now. Pick up your copy today! 

Shawn Wen's A Twenty Minute Silence Followed by Applause continues to receive praise as readers discover her portrait of famed mime Marcel Marceau: 

"Wen is infusing every word with as much power as Marceau used in each muscle to mime, say, kissing a woman, or drawing a last breath, in a way that was artistic but also human."
IndyWeek, "Shawn Wen’s Unorthodox Book About Mime Somehow Gives Voice to the Eloquent Silence of Marcel Marceau

You can order A Twenty Minute Silence Followed by Applause below. 

Kiki Petrosino, author of Witch Wife (available 12/12/17), sat down with Poets & Writers Magazine for their Literary MagNet feature to discuss her favorite literary journals. Check out Kiki's recommendations for great journals like Grimoire, Crazyhorse, and Spoon River Poetry Review here

Witch Wife is available for pre-order now.