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Book Trailers: Moth; or how I came to be with you again

Check out this Interactive Book Trailer for Thomas Heise's Moth; or how i came to be with you again, created by Sarabande's own Marketing and Development Director, Kristen Radtke.

MOTH; or how I came to be with you again, Thomas Heise

MOTH is an adventurous book-length project, best described as a “poetic narrative.” In columnar, densely lyrical sections, it’s built around a mystery: the story of a young man who is trying to fuse together his present and past, pieces of which include abandonment by his parents, his childhood in an orphanage, and a sense of disconnection from his adult life.

For a classroom-ready reader's guide written by the author himself, follow this link, and explore more titles with reader's guides in Sarabande in Education


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