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From the Intern Desk: Ariel Katz's Reading List

This summer, I’m reading buffet-style.  It’s the first time in a long time I’m free of assigned reading, and I’ve gone a little overboard.  On my desk sit a bunch of Sarabande titles, a couple of Woolf novels, and stories by Primo Levi and Flaubert.  My list is somewhat random, and the lack of forethought or unifying theme makes for some interesting juxtapositions.

The other night I read an Alex Taylor story, “A Lakeside Penitence,” in which two men fish for catfish with their hands over a flooded highway in Kentucky.  The next day, I read about Minta Doyle’s hunt for her brooch on the beach in To the Lighthouse.  The morning after that, I followed a couple in Caitlin Horrocks’ collection This is Not Your City as they drove around seeking out unwanted dogs to buy and resell for medical testing.  Sampling voices and finding strange ways in which they mesh with one another is the way I’m trying to read this summer.  These are the books I’m circling through right now (or hope to open soon!):

This is Not Your City, Caitlin Horrocks
The Name of the Nearest River, 
Alex TaylorSyzygy, Beauty, 
T FleischmannTrois Contes, 
Gustave FlaubertTo the Lighthouse, 
Virginia WoolfOrlando, 
Virginia WoolfTenth of December, 
George SaundersOur Post-Soviet History Unfolds, 
Eleanor LermanA Good Man is Hard to Find, Flannery O’Connor

Until August, I’ll keep taking recommendations, following reading whims, and sampling stories.  Good thing there are two more months of summer…