Friday Writing Prompts

A Writing Prompt from T Fleischmann

Each Friday we post a new writing prompt created by one of our authors. Prompts like this one are included in our reader's guides along with discussion questions and suggested further reading to accompany each title. So if you can't wait a week for the next prompt, visit our Reader's Guide page to find them all in one place!

Today's prompt comes from T Fleischmann, author of Syzygy, Beauty.


Get Physical

It seems easy for writers, especially writers who are students or teachers, to fall into a world that involves reading, talking about reading, editing, writing, talking about writing, and little else. While there is certainly a lot of privilege involved in this position, my best ideas and lines come to me when I’m installing tin on a roof, dancing to a good loud band, or doing something else far removed from the page. Syzygy, Beauty, for instance, was composed as much during carpentry projects as during my actual writing time. My first suggestion, then, is to cultivate some new hobby or activity, preferably something physical that feels productive. I’d suggest gardening or hiking if they aren’t already part of your life, but anything not directly related to writing will do. Then, find a way to fit that activity into your creative routine, engaging with it either before or after you sit down to write. The repetition of physical labor or movement will allow you to think in a new, fruitful way.