Poem of the Week

Poem of the Week: "The Companions"

In celebration of our twentieth birthday, we want to offer you the gift of a weekly poem selected by a Sarabande staff member. Today's poem was selected by Sarabande President and Founder, Sarah Gorham, from Josephine Jacobsen's Contents of a Minute.

The Companions

A Note from Sarah Gorham:

Dear Reader,

For twenty years, Sarabande Books has put aside more lucrative genres to focus on literary arts—specifically poetry, short fiction, and essay. We can't help it; it's what we love! In addition to launching the careers of outstanding debut authors, we feature established, world-class poets like Josephine Jacobsen through our Quarternote Chapbook Series

We couldn’t do it without you, partners in our mission to publish poetry, short fiction, and essay. We remain infinitely grateful for this support. If you share in our vision, we invite you to join us through a one-time or sustaining gift.



In Gratitude: During our six-week Poem-of-the-Week series, all donors giving $15 or more will receive a letterpress-printed poem by a Sarabande poet.

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The One Hundreds

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