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Poem of the Week: "My Puppets"

In celebration of our twentieth birthday, we want to offer you the gift of a weekly poem selected by a Sarabande staff member. Today's poem was selected by our Marketing and Editorial Assistant, Anthony Blake, from from Jeff Dolven's collection, Speculative Music.

My puppets

A Note from Anthony Blake:

Dear Reader,

For twenty years, Sarabande Books has been an indispensable source for poetry, short fiction, and essay. Publishing debut authors like Jeff Dolven as well as the big names, our list is a growing, diverse medley of outstanding voices.

As a beneficiary of Sarabande’s internship program, I know first-hand how far your generosity goes toward developing not just our titles but our community, from new readers to future publishers. This practical experience— following a book from manuscript to finished piece—has been a perfect and necessary compliment to my university education. As I leave Sarabande to pursue an MFA, I do so with confidence and a sense of the current literary landscape that I owe one hundred percent to Sarabande and its donors.

As an independent, nonprofit press, we couldn’t do any of this without you, our beautiful readers. We are excited for our next twenty years and hope you join us in this mission through a one-time or sustaining gift.

All best,


In Gratitude: During our Poem-of-the-Week series, all donors giving $15 or more will receive a letterpress-printed poem by a Sarabande poet.

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if given

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