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Poem of the Week: "Litany"

In celebration of our twentieth birthday, we want to offer you the gift of a weekly poem selected by a Sarabande staff member. Today's poem was selected by our Managing Editor, Kirby Gann, from Rick Barot's collection, Want.

Litany, Barot

A Note from Kirby Gann:

Dear Reader,

The discovery of a promising author is one of the great delights at a publishing house; nurturing that author’s career over time is an even deeper satisfaction. Rick Barot’s first collection, The Darker Fall, received our Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry in 2001; since then Sarabande has published his second collection, Want (2008), and plan to publish his third book in 2015. With each successive work Barot has grown only more incisive and mature, with a marked widening of scope and vision. He is on his way to becoming one of his generation’s essential poets.

Nurturing fledgling artists to their maturity is merely one of the factors that separates Sarabande Books from many other publishers who base their decisions on an author’s works by examining that author’s sales record first and aesthetic accomplishment second. We’re allowed such leeway due to support from readers who agree that achievement in the literary arts requires time; authors must be allowed to take chances and to explore their deepening sensibilities without anxiety as to whether the next book will become a best seller or not. Please join us in our support of great authors with a one-time or sustaining gift. 


Kirby Gann

In Gratitude: During our Poem-of-the-Week series, all donors giving $15 or more will receive a letterpress-printed poem by a Sarabande poet.

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