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Launched: Sarabande Writing Labs


We're so excited to announce our new community outreach project: Sarabande Writing Labs, a program focused on bringing literary arts to underserved populations in Louisville, KY, through creative writing workshops and community readings.  Sarabande Writing Labs was founded on the belief that writing is a powerful tool for individual and community transformation, and that in every life, most especially those lived in poverty or isolation, there is a vital need for stories, art, and community.

The program is coordinated by Sarabande’s Director of Operations and Outreach, Kristen Miller, who led weekly writing workshops at Hotel Louisville, a women’s drug and alcohol recovery program run by Wayside Mission. The six-week Writing Lab will culminate later this month in a class reading at the hotel coffee shop, where participants can share their work with friends and the community.

Semiannual Writing Labs will continue at Hotel Louisville, and we hope to expand to other area agencies in the near future. 


If you’d like to partner with Sarabande Writing Labs as a volunteer or through a financial gift, or if you want more information on the program, please contact Kristen Miller at