Poem of the Week

Poem of the Week: "Scientifically Speaking"

In celebration of our twentieth birthday, we want to offer you the gift of a weekly poem by a Sarabande poet, selected by a member of our staff. This week's poem was chosen by Kristen Miller, Director of Operations and Outreach, from David Tomas Martinez's forthcoming collection, Hustle.

Scientifically Speaking

A Note from Kristen Miller:

Dear Reader,

For twenty years, Sarabande Books has discovered and launched fantastic debut authors like David Tomas Martinez. We showcase books we love—books we know readers will return to again and again. 

As a nonprofit, indie press, we’re honored to operate in partnership with you, our loyal readers. Over fifty  percent of our operating budget comes from grants and individual donations. These generous gifts make possible our mission to publish annually ten outstanding books of poetry, short fiction, and essay as well as enable our educational and community-based programs like Sarabande Writing Labs

As we look forward to our next twenty years with gratitude and excitement, we invite you to join us through a one-time or sustaining gift.




In Gratitude: All donors giving $15 or more will receive a letterpress-printed poem by a Sarabande poet.

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