Poem of the Week

Poem of the Week: "Postcard from Ogun State"

In celebration of our twentieth birthday, we want to offer you the gift of a weekly poem selected by a Sarabande staff member. Today's poem was selected by our editorial intern, Danika Isdahl, from Kiki Pertrosino's collection, Hymn for the Black Terrific.

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A Note from Danika Isdahl:

Dear Reader,

Kiki Petrosino's works (Fort Red Border and Hymn for the Black Terrific) were the first Sarabande books I read. Discovering her and other authors equally enthralling led me to seek out an internship at Sarabande. During my time here, I have shamelessly ogled at the stacks of books in our office, all published because we are dedicated to bringing you the best literature, and you, wonderful readers, are dedicated to the literature Sarabande has brought you. 

This Poem-of-the-Week series has reminded us of our favorite voices from the last twenty years and given us a preview of the great voices to continue with your support. 

Happy reading, 


In Gratitude: During our Poem-of-the-Week series, all donors giving $15 or more will receive a letterpress-printed poem by a Sarabande poet.

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