Sarabande Writing Labs

Sarabande Writing Labs, Volume 1!


It's production day for our first-ever Sarabande Writing Labs chapbook! We spent this afternoon folding, collating, and binding these awesome chapbooks.


The poems in this volume were written by women in the Hotel Louisville drug and alcohol recovery program, who spent six weeks writing, reading, and talking poetry with Sarabande Outreach Director, Kristen Miller.

With titles like "Homage to My Scars," "These Eyes," and "I Put On My Face," many poems in this collection explore the joys and failings of the body, threaded through with a sense of playfulness that surprised even the poets themselves. "In school, writing was supposed to be work," said one participant, Janet, during a Friday morning session, "but this is more like a game." 

The finished chapbooks will be distributed to Sarabande Writing Labs participants at a class poetry reading on July 9 at Hotel Louisville. The reading begins at 7pm and is open to the public.


If you’d like to partner with Sarabande Writing Labs as a volunteer or through a financial gift, or if you want more information on the program, please contact Kristen Miller at