Friday Writing Prompts

A Writing Prompt from Julia Story

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Today's prompt comes from Julia Story, whose collection of prose poems, Post Moxie, won the 2009 Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry.


The Exercise: The Nightwatchman’s Party (based on Roger Weingarten’s “Party of the Century”)

This exercise is for a group of poets. Each participant should bring a few books on a variety of subjects: religion, physics, Barbie, the Civil War, knot-tying, etc. All of the books are placed in a central location, and each person has fifteen minutes to create word/phrase lists using the books. Once each person has a list, he or she tries to use at least a third of the words to write the first stanza of a poem called “The Nightwatchman’s Party.” After composing a ten-line stanza, everyone trades with another participant, who then writes the next ten-line stanza, and so on. At the end, each person should have a rough 30-line poem with 3 authors and a lot of collaged detail. The final step is revision: each person takes his or her poem home to tighten or revise it.