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Sarabande Writing Labs at Waggener High School

Sarabande Writing Labs is an arts education program serving under-resourced communities in Kentucky through creative writing workshops.

We at Sarabande Writing Labs were thrilled when Waggener High's after-school creative writing club invited us to come write poetry with them for an afternoon! We read Anna McDonald's awesome poem, "Horse Piano," (check it out here!) and talked about figurative expressions, specificity, suspense-building, and surprise. Then, working as a group, we wrote our own poem borrowing elements that we liked from "Horse Piano." Please enjoy "Ghost House," by the Waggener High School creative writing club!


Ghost House

The idea is to find an old house, a house
          where somebody once died:

you draw a pentagram on the ground and burn 
          a white cylinder of sage

and when the ghost appears, carrying his 
          tattered leather suitcase

he will shake your hand and tell you
          you are a good person

and six months later, when you can’t remember
          whose ratty old t-shirt is whose or a time

you didn’t love him, he will tell you he must return
          to the astral plane

and you will cover the walls with pentagrams
          and fill the house with sage, its minty-sweet aroma
          pouring from the windows

and you will light the house on fire

so that everyone will know how hard it is
          to give up the ghost.