Sarabande Writing Labs

With Or Without Bread: Sarabande Writing Labs, Vol. III

Our Sarabande Writing Labs Summer 2015 session is winding down, and we just received the gorgeous cover art for our food-themed anthology, With Or Without Bread. Next week, a host of volunteers will be helping us assemble hundreds of these anthologies in preparation for our free community reading on June 26th.

Sarabande Writing Labs is an arts education program serving under-resourced communities in Kentucky through creative writing workshops. Our Summer 2015 session took place at Hotel Louisville, a homeless shelter and drug and alcohol recovery center in the heart of downtown Louisville. Learn more about the program (and get involved!) here

And here's a sneak preview: Volume III's title poem by Sarabande Writing Labs participant Jeannette.


With or without bread

You get used to cold pizza
with warm soda

You get used to Ramen noodles
half cooked

You get used to leftovers
from the dinner you didn't eat

You get used to bologna and cheese
with or without bread

You get used to ravioli
straight out of the can

You get used to feeling sick
when you think about eating

You get used to not eating
when you just want another drink

Jeannette Y.
Sarabande Writing Labs, Summer 2015


Now you can Purchase sarabande Writing labs anthologies!

These anthologies contain original writing by participants in our Sarabande Writing Labs Spring 2014, Fall 2014, and Summer 2015 sessions. Our anthologies are lovingly handmade by Sarabande Writing Labs volunteers. The cover of each volume is designed and letterpress printed by Sarabande community partner Hound Dog Press. All proceeds from anthology sales support the Sarabande Writing Labs program.