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Audio Post: SWL Poet Reads "Bodies"

Listen in as Sarabande Writing Labs alum Kamica reads her poem "Bodies" at a free community reading held at Hotel Louisville, a homeless shelter. Kamica wrote "Bodies" during a Sarabande Writing Labs workshop at Hotel Louisville and took her inspiration from the poem "Forgetting Willie James Jones," by David Tomas Martinez.


by Kamica F.

Bodies are things we find in the dirt.

Some are put there by families,
and others are put there to hide.

Whether by natural causes or not
we all end up there anyway.

Hopefully we all get to see
the heavens someday.



"Bodies" appears in The Field of Me, an anthology of poems written by women enrolled in Sarabande Writing Labs' fall 2014 session at Hotel Louisville. Now you can purchase this beautiful, handmade volume RIGHT HERE! All proceeds support the continuation of the Sarabande Writing Labs program.

Sarabande Writing Labs is an arts education initiative created by Louisville-based nonprofit publisher, Sarabande Books. This program reinforces Sarabande's mission to connect new audiences with literature by reaching out to under-resourced communities through free writing workshops and literary events. Learn more and get involved!