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Briefly Noted: Praise for Mike Scalise, a thank you to our volunteerS, SOUTHERN FESTIVAL OF BOOKS

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  • This week Mike Scalise was given a glowing review from Publishers Weekly for his forthcoming memoir, The Brand New Catastrophe. Of the memoir they said, 
"[Scalise] delivers an offbeat, witty memoir about his life after discovering that he has a brain tumor related to acromegaly, a hormone disorder that causes gigantism. Scalise is unsparing in recounting his reaction to his diagnosis. . . . while keeping the reader engaged in a story about catastrophe."

You can pre-order a copy of The Brand New Catastrophe here

  • We'd like to thank our wonderful volunteers for coming in on Wednesday and helping us out. With their help we were able to send 1,000 handwritten notes to our donors and fans! If you'd like to learn more about supporting nonprofit, independent publishing, click here
  • Last weekend Sarabande had the pleasure of participating in the Southern Festival of Books in Nashville. We'd like to send a shout out to everyone who stopped by our stand or saw our authors Paul Griner and Amelia Martens. We hope you had a blast!