Sarabande Writing Labs, SWL in the News

Sarabande Writing Labs instructor featured in Telegraph, UK

Sarabande Writing Labs instructor Sarah Ivens speaks to the healing power of writing in The Telegraph. Ivens taught a

"When I couldn’t articulate my grief to my family, and I sat mute to the concerns of my husband, pen and paper became my tools of communication."

For Ivens, writing about loss became a larger conversation. Ivens found that not only words, but also the process of writing can be shared. In Louisville and in London, Ivens led workshops for grieving mothers through Sarabande Writing Labs. Together, women discussed and wrote through their experiences of grief. As Ivens says in The Telegraph, the workshop experience is "a start towards healing, after the worst pain imaginable. "

You can read poetry from the women of Sarabande Writing Labs in the hand-bound anthology Mother Other, available for purchase here. A portion of every sale will be donated to Hayden's Heart to provide scholarships for grieving mothers wishing to attend their annual "Healing of the Heart" retreat. 

Sarabande Writing Labs is an arts education program serving under-resourced communities in Kentucky through creative writing workshops. Learn more about getting involved here.