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Briefly Noted: Rad Woman Writer Randa Jarrar, An interview with Rick Barot, Elena Passarello in conversation with Sandra Cisneros

  • This week Randa Jarrar, author of the new short fiction collection Him, Me, Muhammad Ali (2016), was named one of Signature's "10 Worldwide Rad Women Writers You Should Know". Of Jarrar's work they said,
"Jarrar’s work seeks to expand literary representation of Arab people, and her stories take place in cities and countries all over the world. . . Bold, wry stories depicting the lives of (mostly) Arab men and women, from Cairo to New York to Palestine to Sydney to Istanbul."

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Rick Barot, author of the poetry collection Chord (2015), recently spoke with The American Literary Review to discuss the poetic process, the role of a poet, and the contemporary scene. Says Barot,

"I want to know that the poet I’m reading has interacted with some aspect of danger in order to produce the poem."

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  • In an episode with the Archive Project, critically acclaimed author of The House on Mango Street, Sandra Cisneros, was in conversation with Elena Passarello, author of Let Me Clear My Throat (2012) and forthcoming Animals Strike Curious Poses, to discuss the importance of accessibility in the arts and the process or writing about painful, uncomfortable subjects. We highly encourage you to listen to the conversation, found here, and pre-order your copy of Animals Strike Curious Poses here.