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Briefly Noted: Praise for Randa Jarrar, Mike scalise on Ohio Edit, Elena passarello in the Paris Review

“Jarrar deftly captures the conflicted emotions that can arise when trying to navigate your own identity and the expectations of loved ones. . . With subtle and precise storytelling, Jarrar has an almost tactile command of the settings of these narratives, and the result is a powerful evocation of the complex dynamics at work in contemporary life."

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  • Dr. Andrew Bomback wrote an essay on Mike Scalise's forthcoming memoir, The Brand New Catastrophe (2017) on the Ohio Edit. He spoke of Scalise's craft saying, “[Scalise’s] tone is honest, serious when it should be, and funny when it doesn’t have to be. . . Scalise’s memoir, in particular the contrast between his own medical adventures and his mother’s experiences with chronic congestive heart failure, is a critical analysis of how patients should approach the “sick role.” . . . Reading memoirs like Scalise’s – and other patient narratives, like Sarah Manguso’s The Two Kinds of Decay and Belle Boggs’s The Art of Waiting and Lucy Grealy’s Autobiography of a Face – helps doctors see lives beyond diagnoses.” You can pre-order your copy of The Brand New Catastrophe here
  • An excerpt from Elena Passarello's forthcoming collection of essays, Animals Strike Curious Poses (2017), was featured in The Paris Review. The essay relates to Paul the Octopus, the octopus who, during the 2010 World Cup, accurately predicted winners of each soccer match. You can read the excerpt here and pre-order Animals Strike Curious Poses here