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Briefly Noted: HIM, ME, MUHAMMAD ALI in Fodor's Travels and Portland Mercury, Praise for SWALLOWS AND WAVES and BRIGHT SCYTHE

"This collection of stories explores an array of Muslim voices spanning several cities and continents, all focusing on seeking freedom and love amid displacement and loss. . . These voices and experiences need to be heard now more than ever."

Jarrar was also reviewed this week by the Portland Mercury. They said the following of Him, Me, Muhammad Ali

"Funny and darkly imaginative. . . The stories are confessional and riveting by means of the deeply intimate and vulnerable spaces Jarrar’s characters allow us to access . . . Jarrar’s fiction has exciting range, and she investigates narrative as well as social taboo. Even when her often-fantastical stories veer towards fable, she subverts any expectation of threadbare fairy tale, always finding affecting depths . . . Like the tightrope walker in the opening story, Jarrar pulls off incredible feats again and again.”

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"Ekphrasis seems too sharp a word . . . to describe the silky music of these elegantly balanced poems. . . Many Western poets, from Ezra Pound to Gary Synder, have been hopelessly in love with Japanese culture and its exotic erotics, but Bohince joins the very best of writers who slide open the screens, fully aware there are other screens still concealing our deepest pleasures and pains.”

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"Patty Crane’s exacting but fluid new selection, Bright Scythe, clarifies one of the reasons for the continuing fascination: Tranströmer’s faith that the imagination is at the root of the self, a source of both awe and responsiveness in a world full of social forces that tend to deaden us."

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