A Writing Prompt from Nathan Poole, author of father, brother, keeper

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This week's prompt comes from Nathan Poole, author of Father, Brother, Keeper.

And then I found . . . five human teeth

In middle school it was a common thing to say “...and then I found five dollars!” anytime you felt the story you were telling had unraveled beneath you. This solution seemed ingenious to middle-school me, a failsafe to deploy when you lose that precious thread, something that happened to me all the time.

A few years ago I was reading Aristotle’s Poetics and remembered this strange phenomenon. I realized our old “Five Dollars” failsafe was just a version of what Aristotle called adding “magnitude,” which he defined as a “change of fortune.” So the prompt: Experiment with the idea of magnitude.

Write the first three sentences of the worst story you can possibly imagine: the driest, most creeping, tedious story. Then, in the fourth sentence, try to save it by adding sudden magnitude, changing a character’s fortune. Start your fourth sentence with these four words: “And then I found...”

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