Sarabande Writing Labs

MOTHER, OTHER: A Sneak Preview

We love the cover Hound Dog Press created for our newest Sarabande Writing Labs anthology, Mother, Other: Words by Women on Bereavement.

Mother, Other features work from Louisville women who took part in a special Sarabande Writing Labs series for grieving mothers taught by journalist and bestselling author Sarah Ivens.

Copies of Mother, Other will be available here soon, with proceeds supporting the continuation of the Sarabande Writing Labs program. A portion of every sale will be donated to Hayden's Heart to provide scholarships for grieving mothers wishing to attend their annual "Healing of the Heart" retreat.

In the meantime, here's a short piece by writer Libby P. in memory of her daughter, Lori.


The Butterfly

by Libby P.

We took our grandchildren to Gatlinburg last summer, and while we were playing and eating lunch in the Smokies, a beautiful blue butterfly landed on our table. For quite a long time, no matter where the kids went, the butterfly stayed right with them. They were so excited. They just knew it was their Aunt Lori, my daughter, who had passed away and whom they missed so terribly much.

Lori loved nature.

The butterfly had been gone for an hour or so when my six year old granddaughter saw what she thought was the same blue butterfly approaching. She ran with her arms outstretched towards it, hollering, "LORI!"

When it came closer, she realized this butterfly was brown. "Oh I'm sorry," she said, "I thought you were someone else."


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