Friday Writing Prompts

A Writing Prompt from Amelia Martens, author of the spoons in the grass are there to dig a moat

Each Friday we post one new writing prompt created by a Sarabande author. Prompts like this one are included in our online Reader's Guides along with discussion questions and suggested reading to accompany each title. So if you can't wait a week for the next prompt, visit our Reader's Guide page to find them all in one place!

This week's prompt comes from Amelia Martens, author of The Spoons in the Grass are There to Dig a Moat, winner of the 2014 Linda Bruckheimer Series in Kentucky Literature.

Submissions for this year's Bruckheimer prize open on July 1st. You can find the guidelines for submitting here. 


What Would Hillary Do?

Part of the fun of a persona poem is to see with new eyes. Pick a character from history or maybe a religious figure. Take the character out of context. Out of their time and setting. Make a list of activities you regularly engage in—like grocery shopping, washing your clothes, etc. Put your character into this context. You can go backwards in time (What would Hillary Clinton do if she had to eat breakfast in the Dark Ages?) or bring a long dead person into the present. It may help you to use the question form—What would “x” do if…. 


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