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Sarabande Writing Labs featured in Courier-Journal

Diane Cruz, The Courier-Journal

Diane Cruz, The Courier-Journal


We're grateful for today's Courier-Journal coverage of Sarabande Writing Labs and words from alumni Amy Elzy and Diane Cruz.

Early this spring Amy and Diane participated in a special Sarabande Writing Labs series for grieving mothers led by Sarah Ivens. Ivens' writing sessions offered women a space of understanding in which to share their grief. As Diane states in the article, "writing for me has always been a way to express myself, especially at the darkest moments or the deepest pain." 

We are amazed by how community builds through writing, especially for mothers dealing with an often isolating and little-discussed pain. In the article, Amy says of the workshop, "Having that connection locally gives you that peace that you're not alone." 

We're honored to cultivate healing and understanding through the voices of Sarabande Writing Labs. You can purchase the hand-bound anthology Mother Other hereA portion of every sale will be donated to Hayden's Heart to provide scholarships for grieving mothers wishing to attend their annual "Healing of the Heart" retreat.

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Sarabande Writing Labs is an arts education program serving under-resourced communities in Kentucky through creative writing workshops. Learn more and get involved here.