Friday Writing Prompts

A Writing Prompt from Michael Homolka, AUTHOR OF ANTIQUITY

Each Friday we post one new writing prompt created by a Sarabande author. Prompts like this one are included in our online Reader's Guides along with discussion questions and suggested reading to accompany each title. So if you can't wait a week for the next prompt, visit our Reader's Guide page to find them all in one place!

This week's prompt comes from Michael Homolka, author of Antiquity, winner of the Kathryn A. Morton Prize in Poetry. Antiquity, Homolka's debut collection of poetry, will be released Tuesday, July 12.

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Write a poem of no more than twenty lines whose tone and subject are personal.
Somewhere in the middle of the poem, include an objective fact—the kind that may be found in an almanac, encyclopedia, news article, or the like.