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Briefly Noted: BRIGHT SCYTHE Review

  • Tomas Tranströmer's Bright Scythe (translated by Patty Crane) was given a glowing review by the Cafe Review. Of Bright Scythe, they said, "Through multiple translations, a community of readers learns a poet and his poems, deepening our understanding of the qualities of a unique intelligence. Through this collective project, the translations get better. Each new word choice, each grammatical moment challenged and fussed over, brings us closer to the meaning inhabiting the work....  Bright Scythe is an invaluable contribution to our understanding of Tranströmer’s concise and penetrating body of work." Purchase your own copy of Bright Scythe here
  • Paula Bohince,  author of Swallows and Waves (2016), has been featured on the Academy of American Poet's "Poem a Day"  for her poem "Deer at Twilight". You can read more of Bohince's poetry here

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