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Briefly Noted: Homolka on BEATRICE, Null on THE STORY PRIZE, praise for ANTIQUITY and HIM, ME, MUHAMMAD ALI

  • Michael Homolka's Antiquity (2016) was given glowing reviews from Booklist online and Consequence Magazine. Of Antiquity, Booklist wrote “Though timeless in its associations . . . this is a collection infused with the cyclical nature, and often unbearable passage, of time. . . . Thoughtful, piercing, and sometimes startling in its darker moments, this collection echoes long.” Consequence Magazine says,  

"Divine eloquence best describes Homolka’s syntax, although it is neither decorous nor secretive. . . . Homolka’s poems are exceptionally relevant. Mortality means nothing without comprehending life. And so there is that conversation, but there is also a conversation about how the poetry of witness wants a subtler testimony. . . . The genius of Homolka: he is both the older poet who is not always right and the younger poet who is not always wrong.”

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  • This week Michael Homolka was also featured to write a guest post for the literary blog, Beatrice. In his essay for Beatrice, Homolka talks about how two poets, Tim Liu and Major Jackson, influenced his creative process. Says Homolka, "I don’t know what clicks at that moment, but my eyes are suddenly opened to the lyric power of concrete objects. Tim [Liu]’s method and way of seeing becomes an addiction." 

  • Matthew Neill Null, author of Allegheny Front, was featured on a guest post for the literary blog, The Short Story Prize. Null wrote of Lars Gustafsson, author of Greatness Strikes Where It Pleases. Of Gustafsson, Null says, "Gustafsson treats the cast-off of society with wonder, seriousness, and awe. He was a philosopher as well as a novelist. It shows.” You can buy Null's Allegheny Front here

  • Randa Jarrar's upcoming collection of short stories, Him, Me, Muhammad Ali, has been listed as one of the Library Journal Review's "Short Fiction for Fall: Key Collections from 18 authors, both Veteran and New". Library Journal Review says Him, Me, Muhammad Ali is "a brave, bright, tell-it-like-it-is collection. . . . Impressively varied in style and content, Jarrar’s collection is recommended for a wide range of ­readers." You can pre-order a copy of Him, Me, Muhammad Ali here