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"Publishing a book at Sarabande with NEA support transformed me from an unheard voice into a member of [a] chorus." —Amy Gustine

For more than twenty years Sarabande has received generous funding from the National Endowment for the Arts in support of our publishing and educational programming. Each year, a handful of our titles receive special, earmarked funding from the NEA. In 2015, You Should Pity Us Instead was one of those titles. Here's author Amy Gustine on publishing her debut short story collection with Sarabande:

"When my sister and I were kids, my father took us to the Toledo Zoo on Sundays, where we’d stare, waiting, at the still, sneaky crocodile safely on the other side of a stout, stone wall in the Reptile House. This building and the Zoo’s other four crown jewels—the aquarium, amphitheater, aviary and museum—were built in the 1930’s as part of the Works Progress Administration, a collective, government-run effort to bring the country out of the Great Depression through funding useful, beautiful infrastructure. Today they stand, the Zoo says, as proud monuments to the heritage of our nation. And so, they have always been to me—monuments to America's support for our nation’s talent and its prodigious, multifaceted spirit.

"The National Endowments for the Arts is a modern incarnation of this tradition. Instead of making beautiful, enduring buildings, it gives rise to an equally beautiful, enduring chorus of human expression and connection. Publishing a book at Sarabande with NEA support transformed me from an unheard voice into a member of this chorus—people attempting to understand and tell the messy, necessary truth on behalf of us all. A building made well can shelter us for hundreds of years. A story made well protects us forever."

Learn more about Sarabande's partnership with the NEA and how you can help #SavetheNEA on our website.