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"It means a lot to me that the NEA had a hand in funding [Syzygy, Beauty] (a book that might be hard to justify if we were held tightly to the logic of capitalism)." —T Fleischmann

For more than twenty years Sarabande has received generous funding from the National Endowment for the Arts in support of our publishing and educational programming. Each year, a handful of our titles receive special, earmarked funding from the NEA. In 2012, Syzygy, Beauty was one of those titles. Here's author T Fleischmann on publishing with Sarabande:

"Syzygy, Beauty is my first book, and I wrote it while living in the rural South, enjoying the space of the Appalachian foothills as a necessary context in which that writing found its form. I remember that when I was writing that book, with all of its personal idiosyncrasies and obsessions, the questions of publication and audience were pretty far out of mind—to wonder who would publish it, or to imagine the market in which it would be released, seemed like a danger to the weird, introspective philosophy of the writing.

"It means a lot to me that the NEA had a hand in funding this book (a book that might be hard to justify if we were held tightly to the logic of capitalism), especially as this is not the first time the NEA offered something to me in a secluded, rural context. Growing up in a small farming town in Michigan, museums far away, my mother landed a job as the high school librarian, where she quickly learned that the NEA and NEH were some of the most consistent sources of support for arts education in a school system that today has zero arts programming between kindergarten and the sixth grade. With the help of these organizations, she received books and resources, including beautiful reproductions of famous photographs, Dorothea Lange and the like suddenly available to me.

"The support of the NEA and the NEH are often quiet like this— 'funding in part provided by the National Endowment for the Arts' as a little note at the bottom of a page or screen. But today, writing about art and photography, finishing a draft of my second book early in the morning, that quiet support feels necessary in the way art has always seemed necessary, connecting us together no matter where we live, and allowing us to imagine a better world."

Learn more about Sarabande's partnership with the NEA and how you can help #SavetheNEA on our website.