Briefly Noted

Scalise gets glowing praise in Phoebe Journal, Passarello named on Signature Reads' "14 Best Female Essayists," Shawn Wen's praise starts rolling in!

Mike Scalise, author of The Brand New Catastrophe, received glowing praise in the Phoebe Journal this week. They write:

"Scalise’s account of the disorder—including fascinating descriptions of the medicine treating it—is simultaneously complex and accessible, altogether vivid....The Brand New Catastrophe is a stunning, unforgettable memoir; a masterfully intimate and honest portrayal of a writer who has fought hard for perspective amidst the shattering impact of illness, struggling for self-definition and control in the face of chaos. Above all, it is the work of a writer deeply concerned with connecting to his readers and deftly bridging the significant gap that illness places between them, with humor, humility, and grace."

You can read the full review here, and be sure to check out his book on our website. 

Elena Passarello continues to impress reviewers with her new collection of essays, Animals Strike Curious Poses, but we haven't forgotten her first collection, Let Me Clear My Throat. Signature Reads names Passarello one of the "14 Best Female Essayists to Read Now," and calls this first collection:

"Before she gave voice to the creatures in Animals Strike Curious Poses, Passarello performed the amazing trick of throwing her voice onto the page in such a way that her words echoed."

You can read the full list here.


Shawn Wen's new essay, A Twenty Minute Silence Followed by Applause is garnering attention from booksellers! Jarrod Annis of Greenlight Bookstore in Brooklyn says of the essay:

"As in the work of Marcel Marceau, Shawn Wen crafts a language of silence and absence around the life of her subject to give a much richer picture of a true and unusual talent. These are essays as pantomime, drawing readers in to reveal work of simple and delicate elegance, executed with the utmost precision.”