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Why donate to Sarabande on September 14?

This Thursday, every donation made to Sarabande during Give For Good will be increased by proportional match funds from the Community Foundation of Louisville. Your donation on September 14 goes further toward helping us improve arts access in our community. 

Our arts education program, Sarabande Writing Labs, partners with organizations serving people living with displacement, homelessness, addiction, disability, and mental illness as well as survivors of domestic abuse and at-risk youth. Read some of the work created by students in our 2017 partnership with Americana Community Center: 


I am made of the swish of a basketball net. 
I am made of good and bad,
thick and thin.

I'm from working hard on the basketball court
to make it out of Louisville, KY, and into the NBA.

— Victor F., "I Am Made Of"


I am from a place that is unsafe. A place where most of my dreams are gone. A place where
everything is dark. A place where everything is hard. . . . I am from a long journey that went from country to country.

—Narjis A., "Where I am From"


Family is like water that moves, but
is sometimes calm and quiet.

Family is like animals that don't talk
but always care for each other.

— Eh H., "Family"


Lay down on a flat surface
close your eyes
breath deeply
let the memories come to you.

— Ridwan Y., "How to be a Dream Catcher"

Help us continue to expand arts access in our community by making a donation during Give For Good on September 14. Your donation goes further on this day thanks to match funds from the Community Foundation of Louisville.