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Why donate to Sarabande on September 14?

This Thursday, every donation made to Sarabande during Give For Good will be increased by proportional match funds from the Community Foundation of Louisville. Your donation on September 14th goes further toward helping us provide an essential platform for authors. 

Through the support of our donors, Sarabande Books publishes emerging writers and innovative, groundbreaking projects often overlooked by mainstream commercial publishers. By promoting talented authors and connecting diverse audiences to works of lasting value, we provide an essential service to readers and writers alike. Here's what some of our nearly 200 authors have to say about Sarabande:

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"It would not be overstatement to say that publishing with Sarabande changed my life."

—Wendy Walters, author of Multiply/Divide



"My relationship with Sarabande has been a kind of backbone for my professional life as a poet."

—Rick Barot, author of Chord

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"None of the essays I’m proudest of would exist without Sarabande’s particular way of finding, nurturing, and promoting the essay. "

—Elena Passarello, author of Animals Strike Curious Poses

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"I’m one of dozens upon dozens of writers who have a never-ending debt to this fine press."

—Brian Leung, author of World Famous Love Acts

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"My relationship with this outstanding press has made it possible for me to reach out to readers, students, and fellow artists around the world."

—Kiki Petrosino, author of Witch Wife


Help us support the next generation of Sarabande authors by making a donation during Give For Good on September 14. Your donation goes further on this day thanks to match funds from the Community Foundation of Louisville.