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Wen and Passarello Win Prizes, Passarello and Petrosino Give Interviews, And More!


Sarabande authors continue to be recognized for their work. Elena Passarello  won the Oregon Book Award's Sarah Winnemucca Award for Creative Nonfiction, honoring Animals Strike Curious Poses as among "the state’s finest accomplishments." 

Shawn Wen was nominated as a finalist of the inaugural Chautauqua Janus Prize for "daring formal and aesthetic innovations". Check out A Twenty Minute Silence Followed By Applause for a book that erases the boundary between poetry and biography, working to "reorder literary conventions, historical narratives, and readers’ imaginations".  

Head over to Hyype to read an interview with Kiki Petrosino (Witch Wife). She and interviewer discuss "the vile, glorious body", toxic ideology, and existing within systems beyond our control, and her poems that "feel exactly as though they are exposing the magic in the world: stitching together frayed edges, weaving new connections, folding ideas into themselves to strengthen them." 

For more interviews check out To The Best Our Knowledge. Elena Passarello discusses her latest book, Animals Strike Curious Poses, as well as animals in children's books, stuffed animals, John Berger, and gaze. As she points out "[o]nce you start focusing on the ways in which humans have culturally assigned animals to different things, they're just everywhere." Pick up Animals Strike Curious Poses to see yourself seeing them.






Witch Wife, Kiki Petrosino
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