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We're proud to present our latest Sarabande Writing Labs anthology, One Day I’ll Rise. This hand-bound anthology features original work by young writers in our summer 2018 session held in partnership with the Louisville Metro Youth Detention Services.

The anthologies are lovingly handmade by volunteers and given to all Sarabande Writing Labs participants free of charge. They are also available for purchase here. Proceeds from anthology sales support the continuation of the program. 

Sarabande Writing Labs is an arts education program promoting writers in under-resourced communities through writing workshops and literary events.

About our partner: Workshops taught by author and health researcher Tasha Golden were held with seven young women on site at Louisville MetroYouth Detention Services. Golden has been working since 2012 to support the ideas, recommendations, and strengths of incarcerated girls. She has published peer-reviewed researcher regarding gender/intersectional inequities in the juvenile justice system, and includes the voices of incarcerated girls in her work; she also connects arts programming with community involvement, civic engagement, and policy influence.