Sarabande Writing Labs

Now Available: Sarabande Writing Labs, Vol. X


We're proud to present our latest Sarabande Writing Labs anthology, The Almost Mothers of the Greater Louisville Metropolitan Area. This hand-bound anthology features original work by young writers who took part in Sarabande Writing Labs’ 2018 “Voices of Change” poetry writing contest. The volume takes its title from the poem by contest winner Eli Pajo.

About the 2018 “Voices of Change Contest: The "Voices of Change" contest was held by Sarabande Writing Labs in partnership with the University of Louisville's Youth Violence Prevention Research Center. The contest asked young women from Louisville, ages 11-21, to share their experiences with violence and peace, conflict and healing. Both the contest and published anthology have been made possible thanks to a grant from Imagine Greater Louisville 2020.

The anthologies are lovingly handmade by volunteers and given to all Sarabande Writing Labs participants free of charge. They are also available for purchase here. Proceeds from anthology sales support the continuation of the program.

Sarabande Writing Labs is an arts education program promoting writers in under-resourced communities through writing workshops, literary events, and publication.