Sarabande Welcomes 2018 Summer Interns!

It's hard to believe that it's already the summer of 2018! A new season means a new set of interns, and new interns mean new intern bios:

Jacob B, our marketing intern, is a southerner in the north and a northerner in the south who looks forward to being able to walk over the Ohio River to cross from one to the other. He comes from a background in DIY publishing and is eager to learn the mechanics of professional publishing, especially in the context of independent non-profit presses.

Marcee, our editorial intern, is a native of Michigan. She comes to Sarabande from the Creative Writing MFA program at Western Kentucky University, where she is embarking on her second year. She looks forward to supplementing her knowledge of writing with experience in independent press publishing.

We're excited to be a part of the Sarabande team!

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Welcoming Our 2017 Summer Interns!

 (Left to right) Anne, Justin, and Hannah Rose strike curious poses.

(Left to right) Anne, Justin, and Hannah Rose strike curious poses.

We'd like to introduce and extend a warm welcome to our latest batch of interns:

Justin Allard will be returning to Sarabande Books for the summer development internship. Justin is excited to further explore this role as well as continue writing stories and poems about dinosaurs, dragons, Bowser, jazz, and haunted coffee shops in spare moments.

Hannah Rose Neuhauser, the educational programs intern, is from Louisville, Kentucky. Helping to amplify the voices of underrepresented writers makes Hannah Rose's heart glitter—and she is excited to do just that through the Sarabande Writing Labs. Hannah Rose has a cloud of a cat named Wishes who keeps her company as she writes lyric essays. 

Anne Aberle is from Nebraska but is joining us as editorial intern after spending the past five months in France. Nothing brings her more joy than a perfectly crafted sentence and she can't wait to encounter a multitude of them at Sarabande.

We are excited to work together this summer!