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Happy Pub Day to Edie Meidav! Jenny Johnson featured in Entropy Magazine, Scalise reviewed in The Collagist

Edie Meidav's brilliant new story collection, Kingdom of the Young, published on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017. A starred review from Kirkus calls the collection: 

"A probing and deeply ruminative cross-genre odyssey. Meidav pulls readers through a series of dreamy, complex, poignant stories with language that is by turns gauzy-poetic and pinpoint-precise but unfailingly inventive.... A penetrating collection that glides among an impressive breadth of storytelling modes with warmth and easy brilliance."

Visit her product page here

Jenny Johnson, author of In Full Velvet, was interviewed in Entropy Magazine for #NationalPoetryMonth. When asked, "Why Poetry?" She says: 

"...the work of writing poems and reading poems has made me a better person, can make us better people. In this way, since the personal is political, poems can be catalysts for change."

You can read the full interview here.

The Brand New Catastrophe, debut memoir from Mike Scalise, was reviewed in The Collagist. They write:

“A simple and human story, about fear, self-doubt, deep-seated family resentment that goes back generations, romantic love, and a mother-son rivalry full of mutual love, respect, and animosity…. What makes The Brand New Catastrophe so beautiful is that Scalise genuinely never wants your pity, or even sympathy. If anything, he only wants to make you laugh (his biggest priority) and to tell you something honest about his fear, self-doubt, and insecurity…. The Brand New Catastrophe is beautiful because of its true sense of intimacy."

You can read the full review here.

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Get your radios (and podcast downloads) ready! Tune into The Dinner Party Download tonight to hear our own Elena Passarello read about Mozart’s special bond with a pet bird, from her acclaimed essay collection Animals Strike Curious Poses. Stay for jokes, a boozy history lesson, etiquette tips and more!

The Dinner Party Download airs on over 150 syndicated, national radio stations at various times Friday-Sunday. For listeners in Los Angeles, tune in to KPCC (89.3 FM) at 8PM for the reading, and for those in NYC, tune in to WNYC (93.9FM) at 9PM. For a full list of radio stations and air times, please click here.

You can also listen any time via iTunes and the show's website. Click here for Elena's episode.

Happy listening!

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Jenny Johnson makes American Academy of Poets' "Most Anticipated" list, Johnson and McGlynn make Signature Reads' "28 Breathtaking Poetry Books to Read Now," Jarrar covered in Colorado Review

Jenny Johnson's In Full Velvet is one of the American Academy of Poets' "Most Anticipated Collections." They write:

"Johnson’s first book of poems takes on subject matter such as growing up queer in America and how politicized the queer female body is. Her imagery is sharp, and she consistently brings us into liminal and charged spaces...reminding us that states of transition and what is considered in between have always been a part of human experience that is in constant relationship to change and flux, as gender is."

You can read the full review here.

Karyna McGlynn's Hothouse and Jenny Johnson's In Full Velvet both made Signature Reads' "28 Breathtaking Poetry Books to Read Now." 

They write of Johnson:  "The texture of these poems play in the mind as you read them, full of exquisite detail of nature and of the bodies that move."

And of McGlynn: "McGlynn’s characters could be the trolls who populate internet forums. Throughout the collection, there’s a note of playful anarchy that punctuates American culture that doesn’t make sense."

Read the full list here.

Lastly, The Colorado Review covered Randa Jarrar's Him, Me, Muhammad Ali. They write:

"[An] arresting collection of stories.... Jarrar’s characters are Muslims, mainly women, usually not living their lives in lockstep with the Quran, but feeling grounded in their religion and culture and home nonetheless....In the reductive American political mind, the Middle East is often only the source of oil and terrorism. Neither appears in this collection.... It seems almost gauche to even mention oil and terrorism—such is the verve of Jarrar’s edifying stories, writing a world which many more not only should be reading, but need to read." 

You can read the full review here.