Sarabande Writing Labs

Sarabande Writing Labs Abroad!

We're thrilled to announce a one-day-only Sarabande Writing Labs offering in London with journalist and author, Sarah Ivens. 

This spring, Sarah designed and taught a powerful three-session workshop series for a group of grieving mothers in Louisville, KY. The workshop series culminated in a handcrafted anthology of writing by group participants. 

The London workshop will be held on July 14, and is free and open to any woman who has lost a child, from pregnancy onwards. Sarah, who has lost pregnancies herself, will share tools for storytelling and facing the blank page. She will guide the group through working on short projects and sharing their writing, as they are comfortable doing so.

To receive a free workshop handout via email, or for more information regarding the workshop in London on 14th July, please contact Sarah at

Sarabande Writing Labs is an arts education initiative created by Louisville-based nonprofit publisher, Sarabande Books. This program reinforces Sarabande's mission to connect new audiences with literature by reaching out to under-resourced communities through free writing workshops and literary events. Learn more and get involved!