Daniel Khalastchi


Daniel Khalastchi Sleeps With His Eyes Open


Daniel Khalastchi sleeps with his eyes open. He told me himself. He’s done this all his life, he said, and after spending just twenty-four hours with him, I have no doubt he’s telling me the absolute truth. Before he landed in Louisville I knew Khalastchi was a busy and driven man. The intro I had fussed over writing for the past few weeks always ended up too long, with lists of accomplishments and projects Khalastchi has had a hand in. In the last two years, Khalastchi has co-founded a literary press, helped publish 11 new works by up-and-coming authors, been a fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, and the Assistant Director of the Undergraduate Certificate in Writing Program at the University of Iowa. He then wrote poems so terrific they are endorsed by Dean Young, one of the giants of contemporary poetry. As it turns out, I didn’t get any complaints about my long introduction.

If you made it to our event last night–thanks for comin’ out! If you missed the event, you can see a few pictures below of the lovely Joan Shelley and Anna Krippenstapel doing a short, but sweet acoustic set, a few pictures of Daniel Khalastchi doing his thing, and a few visual clues to what Khalastchi is up to, in his free time, when he’s sleeping with his eyes open.