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Sarabande Books was founded in 1994 by Sarah Gorham and Jeffrey Skinner who noticed a need for poetry, short fiction, and essay to have a home outside of literary journals. For the last 25 years Sarabande Books has set out to disburse these works with diligence and integrity.

In 1996 our first titles appeared on bookshelves we published 3 books that year. Over the last 25 years we have more than 220 titles under contract or in print, many of them prize winning. We could not have done any of this without support from our donors.

Sarah Gorham and Jeffrey Skinner, Sarabande founders at the 2017 Pie Party

Sarah Gorham and Jeffrey Skinner, Sarabande founders at the 2017 Pie Party

What makes Sarabande so extraordinary is the fact that it does what small presses are supposed to do: it takes the risks that trade publishers are unwilling to take
— John D'Agata, Associate Professor, The University of Iowa
It has been my great honor to publish with Sarabande, an award-winning small press that is known for its list of broadly American writers.
— Wendy S. Walters, author of Multiply/Divide
Sarabande has taste, dedication and standards, and they make decisions on a basis that has a deep ethos and an aesthetic conviction at its heart.
— Tony Hoagland, Professor, Creative Writing, University of Houston
My work falls outside the zeitgeist—without Sarabande, Allegheny Front would never have made its way into the big, busy world.
— Matthew Null, author of Allegheny Front
This gem of a collection is a transcendent portrayal of bereavement, showing how death elevates the mundane and affects everything humans do, see, and think.
— Publishers Weekly, reviewing Nona Caspers' The Fifth Woman
I might add humbly, am a respected fiction writer precisely because Sarabande took the risk of publishing my first books a dozen years ago.
— Brian Leung, author of World Famous Love Acts

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As an educational nonprofit Sarabande reinforces our mission to connect new audiences with literature through our Outreach and Programming.

Sarabande Writing Labs 2018 Collection

Sarabande Writing Labs 2018 Collection

Having just ended its fifth season in 2018 Sarabande Writing Labs has partnered with organizations serving people living with displacement, homelessness, addiction, disability, and mental illness. With your support we have been able to host 87 free writing workshops, create 14 hand-bound anthologies, and published 194 local writers. With your continued support we can only continue growing the program from here. Your tax-deductible donation of $50 covers the cost of one writer's participation in Sarabande Writing Labs.

Our Summer 2017 interns celebrating the release of ANIMALS STRIKE CURIOUS POSES

Our Summer 2017 interns celebrating the release of ANIMALS STRIKE CURIOUS POSES

Our Sarabande Internship program has helped recent graduates and current students gain the skills in editing, marketing, publicity, and more to start careers as publishers, booksellers, nonprofit professionals, and authors. We are so proud of our interns, and your tax-deductible donations help us keep this program running strong.

Blackacre’s historic Presley-Tyler farmhouse

Blackacre’s historic Presley-Tyler farmhouse

Partnering with Blackacre Conservancy Sarabande is able to send two writers every summer to Blackacre's historic Presley-Tyler farmhouse as a writer in residence. During their stay, writers have full access to the conservancy's three hundred acres of wooded hiking trails and meadows. As well as a stipend of $200 to expend travel expenses to and from the residency. Your tax-deductible donations help us to continue this partnership.


Support Sarabande


Through the support of our donors, Sarabande Books publishes emerging writers and innovative, groundbreaking projects often overlooked by mainstream commercial publishers. By promoting talented authors and connecting divers audiences to works of lasting value, we provide an essential service to readers and writers alike. Your donations help us publish and promote our authors. Make a tax-deductible donation today so that we can continue this work. Here’s what some of our nearly 200 authors have to say about Sarabande:

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“None of the essays I’m proudest of would exist without Sarabande’s particular way of finding, nurturing, and promoting the essay.” — Elena Passarello, author of Animals Strike Curious Poses

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“We need them, and homes like theirs, now more than ever.”

— Paul Yoon, author of Once the Shore

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"My relationship with Sarabande has been a kind of backbone for my professional life as a poet”
— Rick Barot, author of Chord


“My relationship with this outstanding press has made it possible for me to reach out to readers, students, and fellow artists around the world, and to participate in the dynamic creative economy of Louisville, Kentucky”
—Kiki Petrosino, author of Witch Wife


Make a tax deductible donation today and help publish and promote emerging writers and innovative projects!

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Give a 2019 Sarabande Subscription (Or Keep it for Yourself)


For a limited time only, when you donate $250 or more in a loved one's name, we'll send them a 2019 Sarabande Subscription! They'll receive every book on our 2019 list, shipped as they're published.

This offer lasts through #GivingTuesday, November 27, 2018. Follow the two simple steps below to give a 2019 Sarabande Subscription (or keep it for yourself)!


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We’re proud to present The Refracted Self, the latest Sarabande Writing Labs anthology. This hand-bound anthology features original work written by woman-identifying writers during a six-week workshop series held at Louisville South Central Regional Library and taught by writer and columnist Minda Honey.

The anthologies are lovingly handmade by volunteers and given to all Sarabande Writing Labs participants free of charge. They are also available for purchase here. Proceeds from anthology sales support the continuation of the program.

Sarabande Writing Labs is an arts education program promoting writers in under-resourced communities through writing workshops and literary events. 

About our partner: “For six weeks the eight writers in this anthology made a literary home of the South Central Regional branch of the Louisville Free Public Library. They made space for their craft around sleep schedules, career and family obligations, and the beck and call of fine summer weather.” from Minda Honey’s introduction to the anthology.