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Welcoming Our Fall 2019 Intern and Publishing Assistant

We are thrilled to welcome our new administrative intern as well as our publishing assistant for the fall of 2019!

Clare Hagan (left) and Natalie Wollenzien (right),

Clare Hagan (left) and Natalie Wollenzien (right),

Clare Hagan is excited to be interning at Sarabande for the second half of 2019. Clare graduated from Bellarmine University in 2018 with a major in English. The following spring she staged managed a devised theater piece which took place in three rural Kentucky nursing homes before joining the Sarabande team as an administrative intern. She is looking forward to helping with the Sarabande Writing Labs chapbook series and reading through submissions. Outside of Sarabande, Clare works as a teaching artist for Actors Theatre of Louisville, and she enjoys spending her weekends out in the woods.   

Natalie Wollenzien is very excited to be coming back to Louisville as the publishing assistant after coming on as the spring 2019 intern. She is a recent graduate of the University of Iowa, and is looking forward to taking on more responsibility with production, marketing, and programming for Sarabande. Since this spring, her new hobbies include waiting for George R.R. Martin to write his next book, waking up early to not go running, and daydreaming over what her potential cat’s name will be.

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Announcing the 2019 Winner of the Flo Gault Poetry Prize

We're pleased to announce the winner of our 2019 Flo Gault Poetry Prize for Kentucky Undergraduates: Aileen Tierney for her poem "Cold Snap."

Aileen will receive $500 and a letterpress broadside of her winning poem, printed by Hound Dog Press. Congratulations, Aileen and all our winners and honorees!


First Prize: "Cold Snap" by Aileen Tierney (University of Kentucky)
Second: "Late Bloomer" by Zoey Morris (University of Louisville)
Third: "What advice will you give to your daughters that was not given to you?" by Courtney Cox (Asbury University)


"Skin splayed out on the pavement of the night" by Andrea Doll (Bellarmine University)
"Self Improvement" by Vanessa Fuller (University of Louisville)
"Himmelkompass Joy: Samsara" by Brady Alexander (University of Louisville)

This prize is made possible through the generosity of the Gault Family in loving memory of Flo Gault. For more information on this prize and other writing opportunities from Sarabande Books, visit our submissions page.

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Welcoming Our Spring 2019 Intern!

Natalie Wollenzien is in her last semester of attending the University of Iowa for English and Creative Writing (and serving a long-distance relationship with her online classes). She is incredibly excited to be learning the in’s and out’s of the publishing world from manuscript to shelves, as well as what it’s like to work for an independent press. When not in the office, she enjoys loitering in coffee shops, brushing up on her Brooklyn 99 references, and petting as many dogs/cats as physically possible.

She's excited to join as part of the team!

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Sarabande Books was founded in 1994 by Sarah Gorham and Jeffrey Skinner who noticed a need for poetry, short fiction, and essay to have a home outside of literary journals. For the last 25 years Sarabande Books has set out to disburse these works with diligence and integrity.

In 1996 our first titles appeared on bookshelves we published 3 books that year. Over the last 25 years we have more than 220 titles under contract or in print, many of them prize winning. We could not have done any of this without support from our donors.

Sarah Gorham and Jeffrey Skinner, Sarabande founders at the 2017 Pie Party

Sarah Gorham and Jeffrey Skinner, Sarabande founders at the 2017 Pie Party

What makes Sarabande so extraordinary is the fact that it does what small presses are supposed to do: it takes the risks that trade publishers are unwilling to take
— John D'Agata, Associate Professor, The University of Iowa
It has been my great honor to publish with Sarabande, an award-winning small press that is known for its list of broadly American writers.
— Wendy S. Walters, author of Multiply/Divide
Sarabande has taste, dedication and standards, and they make decisions on a basis that has a deep ethos and an aesthetic conviction at its heart.
— Tony Hoagland, Professor, Creative Writing, University of Houston
My work falls outside the zeitgeist—without Sarabande, Allegheny Front would never have made its way into the big, busy world.
— Matthew Null, author of Allegheny Front
This gem of a collection is a transcendent portrayal of bereavement, showing how death elevates the mundane and affects everything humans do, see, and think.
— Publishers Weekly, reviewing Nona Caspers' The Fifth Woman
I might add humbly, am a respected fiction writer precisely because Sarabande took the risk of publishing my first books a dozen years ago.
— Brian Leung, author of World Famous Love Acts

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As an educational nonprofit Sarabande reinforces our mission to connect new audiences with literature through our Outreach and Programming.

Sarabande Writing Labs 2018 Collection

Sarabande Writing Labs 2018 Collection

Having just ended its fifth season in 2018 Sarabande Writing Labs has partnered with organizations serving people living with displacement, homelessness, addiction, disability, and mental illness. With your support we have been able to host 87 free writing workshops, create 14 hand-bound anthologies, and published 194 local writers. With your continued support we can only continue growing the program from here. Your tax-deductible donation of $50 covers the cost of one writer's participation in Sarabande Writing Labs.

Our Summer 2017 interns celebrating the release of ANIMALS STRIKE CURIOUS POSES

Our Summer 2017 interns celebrating the release of ANIMALS STRIKE CURIOUS POSES

Our Sarabande Internship program has helped recent graduates and current students gain the skills in editing, marketing, publicity, and more to start careers as publishers, booksellers, nonprofit professionals, and authors. We are so proud of our interns, and your tax-deductible donations help us keep this program running strong.

Blackacre’s historic Presley-Tyler farmhouse

Blackacre’s historic Presley-Tyler farmhouse

Partnering with Blackacre Conservancy Sarabande is able to send two writers every summer to Blackacre's historic Presley-Tyler farmhouse as a writer in residence. During their stay, writers have full access to the conservancy's three hundred acres of wooded hiking trails and meadows. As well as a stipend of $200 to expend travel expenses to and from the residency. Your tax-deductible donations help us to continue this partnership.